Counting cards in blackjack with High-Lo system

Counting cards in blackjack with High-Lo system

One of the most profitable and perhaps the easiest way for counting cards in blackjack, is to use the strategy of Hi-Lo. The system is basically a technique of execution counts where each card is assigned a specific value. The system is used to distinguish when the relationship between the decks of blackjack cards of high value and low value cards is unbalanced.

High value cards as ten, aces and face cards increase the possibility of blackjack but also to achieve a total score of 20. A deck that contains the majority of high-value cards is a very profitable situation for the player, because it increases the chance of the dealer going bust. In other situations, as most of the remaining cards in the deck are low value cards, the dealer will have a considerable advantage over the player. The fact that the dealer must draw down in difficult situations (scores from 12 to 16) in a situation where a lot of low value cards are still in the deck, reduces the chance of busting when the dealer to pull down another card . If there are many high-value cards (ace, ten, and figures) in the deck, the probability of the dealer going bust has increased significantly.

Counting cards in blackjack

How it works:
From the moment the first card is pulled down from the new deck the paper the card counter starts to count the value of the cards. A card of low value added to your count one point, and a high value card value subtracts one point from the running count. All cards from 7 to 9 are considered neutral and will not be counted in the Hi-Lo.

As you can see, the count will be very accurate after only a couple of hands. The more information you collect, the more accurate your count and thus become a major advantage for the player. The first time you try to rely on their own, you can use a single deck of cards and count all the cards. If the count is right at the end should be 0.

It will not be easy for the first two times, but then the count will be faster and more accurate. After a bit ‘, you can try to count two cards at a time. If you exercise long enough, you will recognize different combinations of cards, and the count will almost automatically. And this is the size of the simple count Hi-Lo. Most experts agree that counting cards the advantages of a quick and simple technique are better than those of a more complex but accurate counting.

It will not take too long to learn to use this simple system, but if you are not fast enough, the dealer will see this type of behavior and will probably move away from the table.